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15 Unexpected Uses for Salsa

Any salsa enthusiast knows that the good stuff can do a whole lot more than top a chip. From a spicy spaghetti sauce to an unexpected ice cream topping that’ll have you screaming for more, there are tons of creative ways to use salsa. Don’t get stuck in a rut; whether you have a lonely half-jar hanging out in the fridge or just want to embark on a flavor-filled adventure, check out these 15 unexpected uses for salsa and get inspired:

  1. Breakfast: On Any Egg-Forward Favorite 

If you just can’t wait to put some salsa on your plate, you’re our kind of people! Start your day off with salsa for breakfast by serving it alongside your favorite egg dish. Swirl a few spoonfuls of tomatillo salsa or salsa verde over your scrambled eggs, stuff it inside an omelet, or add a bang to your breakfast burrito. While just about any savory salsa works here, we personally recommend our Avocado Tomatillo Salsa to take your breakfast to the next level.

  1. DIY Salad Dressing  

Here’s a DIY even you can do: buy your favorite Pepper Palace salsa (we suggest this mild black bean and corn salsa, though just about any of our savory salsas will do), open the jar, and spoon it over your salad. Bam—that’s it! You’re on your way to leafy-green nirvana. Feeling extra fancy? Give it a little squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of sea salt and you’ve got yourself a culinary masterpiece. Your tastebuds will thank you.

  1. In a Creamy, Cheesy Dip 

Smoky Chipotle salsa mixed with soft, tangy cream cheese? Yes, please! Keep it simple as a two-ingredient dip or dress it up with shredded cheese and cilantro. This addicting dip is perfect for crackers, toasted bread, veggies, or just digging in with a spoon (we won’t tell). 

  1. Next-Level Mac and Cheese 

Mac and cheese lovers—this one’s for you. Everyone knows cheese and tomatoes just go together, so it only makes sense that our chunky tomato salsa is the perfect flavor boost for your favorite mac and cheese. Whether it’s your grammy’s secret recipe or the ol’ store-bought blue box, stir in a few spoonfuls of salsa to level-up. Pro tip: use our Avocado Tomatillo Salsa for surefire scrumptiousness. 

  1. Grown Up Grilled Cheese 

Swap out the sliced tomatoes for savory salsa for muy grande flavor in your grilled cheese. We recommend our Original Garlic Medium Salsa that blends garlic, spices, herbs, and tomato into one taste bud-tantalizing jar. Here’s the recipe: Take two pieces of your favorite bread, layer on a few slices of cheddar or American cheese, and slap on some salsa. Close it up, (don’t forget to butter the bread before toasting!), then grill it up. If you’re feeling extra spicy, add some candied jalapeños to really get your grilled cheese goin’. Voila—an instant classic!

  1. On a Fancy Meat and Cheese Board 

Charcuterie boards—platters of meats, cheeses, crackers with an assortment of sweet and savory garnishes—are what everyone’s talking about, and for good reason. These fancy party platters are easy to assemble with a few of your favorite deli dishes, but the garnishes are what really make them “pop!”. Serve some of our mango fruit salsa (or any of our fruit salsas, really) alongside savory soft cheeses and cured meats for a sure standout in any cracker combo. 

  1. Mexican Style Hot Dogs

If you’ve been eating foot-longs your whole life, you’ve probably got your favorite combination of fixins. While we’ve got nothing against the classics, we double dog dare you to try something different on your next dog. Give your hot dog the taco treatment by layering on some X-hot salsa, sour cream, cilantro, shredded cheese (we suggest a taco blend to really make the flavors sing!), and guac. Or, put a tropical twist on it and top your frank with the tangy, fruity taste of our pineapple salsa

  1. Upgrade Your Grilling Game

Grilling meat gets boring when you’re using the same old seasonings and marinades. Throw some salsa in the mix for a fresh take that’ll get you inspired and bring back your grilling mojo. For a fresh latin-American inspired dish, skip the chimichurri and pair your favorite steak with salsa verde and Spanish rice. Feeling like a luau? Grill up some pork chops and serve them with some succulent mango salsa for a tropical taste bud extravaganza. Or, for a healthy make-ahead meal (since we know you’re busy), throw some chicken in a crockpot with a jar or two of your favorite medium salsa. Don’t stop there—the meat-and-salsa combination possibilities are endless!

  1. Reconstructed Baked Potato

Ah, the humble baked potato. This fan-favorite is an old classic, typically topped with sour cream, butter, cheese, and bacon. While we respect the classics, we like to mix it up by adding one of our spicy salsas to the mix. Sour cream and salsa already go together like two peas in a pod—finish it off with your favorite cheese and maybe even some refried beans for a real stick-to-your-ribs spud. 

  1. Level Up Your Shakshuka 

This one’s almost as fun to say as it is to eat! Whether you’re a shakshuka connoisseur or this is the first you’ve ever heard of it, you can give this classic Mediterranean dish a Mexican twist by using a Pepper Palace hot salsa as the base. It’s easy—just pop the salsa into a skillet, get it simmering, and crack in a few eggs. Cook to your liking, then garnish with feta cheese and fresh parsley for an egg-citing new brunch recipe!

  1. In Your Favorite Brunch Drink 

For anyone who loves salsa so much they wish they could drink it, your dreams are about to come true. Mix up a unique bloody mary mix by replacing the tomato juice with your favorite tomato salsa. Just give it a whirl in the blender and add a few glugs of vodka, a squeeze of lemon juice, a pinch of horseradish (we suggest our Nasal Napalm), and a dash of Worcestershire. Garnish it with some celery and bacon—you’ve gotta have that bacon. Your unique bloody mary will be the talk of the town. 

  1. As A Special Ice Cream Topping

Dessert doesn’t get much better than this! Fruit salsa with ice cream might seem weird at first, but just give it a try. When you mix the sweet and tangy taste of fruit salsa with a classic base like vanilla ice cream, you get a flavor explosion so fantastic it’ll rival your favorite fruit cobbler.  Seriously, try this one right now—you won’t regret it.

  1. In Traditional Italian Dishes

When it comes to pasta dishes, marinara sauce isn’t always the answer. Make it a pasta fiesta  by whipping up a cheesy taco pasta or a Mexican lasagna using your favorite hot salsa as the sauce. Top it off with fresh avocado, lime, and cilantro, then dig in! 

  1. In Shrimp And Grits: Tex-Mex Style!

If you’re into southern food, we’re guessing you love shrimp and grits. We do too! While a traditional recipe is always one you can count on, we’re challenging you to try a unique approach. You probably already like your grits spicy; give ‘em an extra kick of flavor and fire with some hot salsa! Stir the salsa right into the creamy grits while cooking or add it last-minute as a garnish that’s out of this world. 

  1. Cocktail Sauce With A Twist

We think it’s time for jarred cocktail sauce to take a hike. Pair your shrimp and lemon wedges with hot or mild salsa instead. Whether you’re having friends over for a football game, a casual get-together, or a birthday party, shrimp cocktail with salsa is an easy appetizer option. Consider the Original Mild Salsa from Pepper Palace that has the perfect balance of spices and herbs to complement any crustaceous dish. Pro tip: If you like your cocktail sauce to make you snort sparks, then dress it up with a dash of horseradish


Feeling inspired? Check out Pepper Palace’s selection of hot salsas, fruit salsas, tomatillo salsas, and more to stock up and start exploring.  Sorry, chips—we’ve got a new flavor fantasy to try out.

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