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Green Jalapeno Salsa


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      Jalapeño-lovers–this one’s for you. We put the spotlight on our beloved pepper and crafted this fiery jalapeño salsa with a pure pepper base. That’s right, not a tomato or tomatillo in sight to adulterate our beloved jalapeños here! Just a squeeze of lime and a handful of seasonings grace our limited ingredient list. This is one unique hot salsa you need all-up-in-your nachos and hot dogs. Don’t take our word for it–grab a jar (or four) today to try the jalapeño salsa verde Tina’s co-worker thinks is “better than coffee” (just don’t try drinking it like coffee… that would be weird).

      Ingredients: jalapeno peppers, vinegar, onion, lime juice, garlic, salt.

      Size: 16 OZ.

      Heat Level: Hot
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