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5 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Cooking with BBQ Sauce

Grillmasters, rejoice. We’ve got the secrets to mastering the art of cooking with BBQ sauce that’ll make you a winner in everyone’s eyes! With these helpful hints, you’ll have all the neighbors on your block begging to come over and dive into your BBQ dishes.

The Perfect Marinade.

BBQ sauce is the answer to all your prayers when it comes to switching up marinades for meat. Put your chicken, pork, or brisket in a ziploc bag or sealed container, grab a bottle of Pepper Palace BBQ sauce, and pour it generously over the meat until it's fully covered. You can marinate the meat for just an hour or up to four hours to really lock in the sweet and smoky flavors of the BBQ sauce. Next, set the meat on the grill and your BBQ extravaganza is ready to go.

Don’t Sit Back And Wait. 

Some people like to just add on the BBQ sauce after the meat is cooked, but that's an approach that we've got to veto because your beautiful brisket, radiant ribs, or classic chicken breasts doesn’t get a chance to absorb any of the drool-worthy flavors of the BBQ sauce. Instead, use a brush to slather some BBQ sauce on your meat while it’s cooking so you can boost the rich flavors and brag about it later.

Don’t Burn It Up.

The sugar in barbecue sauce helps tenderize the meat and boost its flavor, but if you’re cooking your meat over 265 degrees, the sauce is gonna burn and get gummy and nobody wants that. Turn that temperature down and focus on making a BBQ masterpiece; remember, slow and steady wins the race.

BBQ Sauce, But Thicker.

Ever wonder why some BBQ sauces are thick as a brick while others are as runny as a river? It’s all about that texture—thin sauces work well as marinades while thicker sauces have more sticking power, making them better at just about everything else. If your favorite sauce veers toward the soupy side of things, don’t fret! Thicken up your favorite sauce with this simple recipe: mix 1 TBSP. cornstarch and 1 TBSP. water together to make a thick paste, then mix in 1 Cup of your favorite sauce.  Brush it on those baby back ribs and get grillin’—they’ll be fallin’ off the bone in no time.

Side Sauce (Always).

Even if your meat was marinated and basted with BBQ sauce, true BBQ sauce connoisseurs know you always need a little extra on the side for dipping. 


Now that you’re in on all our best BBQ saucing secrets, all you need is a jar or two of Pepper Palace’s BBQ sauce to make any meal delicious and drool-worthy.

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