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Bite into Mild Salsas—These Won’t Bite Back

Think of our collection of mild salsa recipes as the kindly cousin to our suspect, disobedient, and even downright dangerous medium, hot, and x-hot salsa concoctions. While most of our other salsas will bite back, and, in some cases, will physically try to hurt you (Death by Salsa, we’re looking at you), these gentle, flavor-packed mild salsas keep the temperature at a pleasant 72 while delivering big on taste. Suck down classic tomato salsas or color outside the lines with hummus-based salsa or Italian-inspired recipes. For a perky surprise on grilled meat or homemade cinnamon chips, pop open our pineapple salsa, peach salsa, or tropical mango salsa. Mm, mm, good. For a hearty salsa you can serve as a dip or dump into a pot of kid-friendly chili or beef stew, keep a few jars of black bean and corn salsa stocked in the pantry. If you’re looking for friendly salsas who want to help you have more flavor in your life without shanking you when your back is turned, our mild salsas are the ones to buy.

What Is Mild Salsa Made Of?

Classic, “normal” salsa—or salsa roja, “red sauce”—consists of tomatoes, garlic, onions, salt, jalapeño peppers, and cilantro. Some people add vinegar or sugar to their mild salsa recipes or leave out the peppers and add cumin or other spices if you want a zip of flavor but zero heat.