Hot Sauce - Mild – Pepper Palace

Mild Hot Sauce That Even Karens Will Like

Not everyone can handle the heat - we’re not judging (okay maybe just a little). Our Mild Hot Sauces are heavy on flavor and light on spice - perfect for the whole family, including your aunt Karen who thinks everything is “too spicy”. Save the extreme hot sauce for poker night and keep some mild hot sauce handy for a sure crowd-pleaser. Perfect for everything, from clam chowder to stir fry, shake some mild hot sauce on all your munchies to amp up the flavor.

How hot is mild hot sauce?

Mild hot sauce is the least spicy hot sauce, coming in at 100-2,500 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Think of it like teddy bears roasting marshmallows near a campfire in autumn - warm and cozy but totally approachable. Our mild hot sauces use jalapeno, cayenne, and chipotle peppers to deliver their signature flavors.