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Salsas are often a tomato based sauce or dip containing ingredients such as onions, peppers, beans, corn, cumin, salt, garlic, cilantro, and many others. Popularly known as a dip for tortilla chips, but salsa is much more. Spread over or into a dip, mix with cream cheese, use as a topping, as an ingredient, whatever you can think of.  There are many varieties of salsa like fruit salsa, verde (green) salsa, and all kinds from mild to extreme heat!

Nacho Grandmama’s Salsas

If something tastes good, slap some salsa on it and it’ll taste better. We don’t make up these rules, that’s just the way it is. Our salsa aisle is chock full of recipes that push flavors to the next level and punch up the heat to eye-watering, nose-running deliciousness.

We handcraft each batch of salsa with the best ingredients like fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh onions, perfect tomatillos, ripe fruits—and of course we pack our hottest salsas with membrane-burning peppers to give you that heaping side of pain with your chips and queso. Whap our juicy pineapple salsa on that freshly grilled tilapia filet or add habanero mango salsa to a chicken casserole if you’re feeling really frisky. Pick any of our black bean and corn salsas to boost your chili recipe (we know yours is the best on the block)—they go from mild to x-hot to give you the exact heat you crave.

Beware that our salsa verde collection features not one mild variety—one is a jalapeno salsa that will come across as very disrespectful if you’re expecting something polite. Whether you like traditional Mexican style salsa, New Mexican salsa, or Caribbean-inspired salsas, we’ve got it.

As always, follow our cap-top recipes to take your salsa experience to the max, especially if it involves mixing our flavors with a block of cream cheese. Trust us on that one. Shop Pepper Palace salsas for mucho mucho goodness.

Picante vs. Salsa: Are They the Same?

Nope, they are not. Think of picante as salsa’s thinner, runnier cousin. Salsa tends to have chopped ingredients, making it chunkier, while picante is a puree, giving it the consistency of soup. They can both be mild or super hot, but they have two different textures.

What Store Bought Salsa Tastes Like Restaurant?

If you’re looking for a salsa that tastes like what you get at your favorite Mexican restaurant, we recommend our Fire Roasted Salsa, our Original Mild Salsa, or, if you want a little extra kick, our Original Hot Salsa.

How Long Does Salsa Last In The Fridge?

Our salsas will last about a month in the fridge after you open them. However, we expect you’ll eat them up much faster than that. They’re delicious.

Is Salsa Healthy?

Yes, if the salsa is made from high-quality ingredients without added sugars, sodium, preservatives, or trans fats—like ours. Read the labels on any salsa you buy to make sure you know whether or not what you’re putting in your body is good for you.