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Carolina Reaper: The World’s Hottest Pepper

Three cheers to the world’s hottest pepper! The Carolina Reaper was created by a pepper grower (aka mad scientist) in South Carolina who cross-bred different devilish pepper varieties until he created a pepper so hot it felt like literal death. If you can make it through the heat, the reaper is rumored to have a fruity taste (we’ll have to take your word for it). We harness the heat of the reaper in our infamous The End Hot Sauce, which can’t actually kill you but can make you feel like you’ve taken a leisurely stroll through the flames of hell. If you crave extreme heat in everything you eat, you’ll love our reaper pepper hot sauces, pure pepper flakes and powders, BBQ sauce, seasoning, wing sauce, and even pickles (really!).

How Hot Is The Carolina Reaper?

More than twice as hot as a Ghost Pepper - which is no walk in the park. The Carolina Reaper comes in between 1,400,000 - 2,200,000 SHU. That’s like sitting buck-naked on a leather seat in death valley - yikes!