Black Bean & Corn Salsa – Pepper Palace

Go from Tasty Tex-Mex to Taste Bud Train Wreck with our Black Bean & Corn Salsas

Let’s talk about black bean & corn salsa. Is it a meal? Is it a condiment? Be honest: sometimes you’ve wondered why it’s not called vegetable soup. We know for a fact it’s delicious, so if it’s a condiment you turn into a meal, we get it. It’s not like we’re ashamed to admit we’ve had salsa for dinner. Plus, everybody likes black bean & corn salsa, so we’ve cooked up four batches to match the heat level you’re looking for in this hearty salsa that might also be a dip or a relish, depending on the circumstances.

Our sweet black bean & corn salsa comes in mild and hot versions to please or punish your palate, whichever you fancy. Our original recipe in medium heat adds spice to a Tex Mex chili or casserole, but if you really want to create some havoc on your taste buds, munch on some tortilla chips loaded with our habanero-heavy x-hot black bean & corn salsa. WHOO-WEE, Mama.

Pepper Palace Tip: These savories go with our fruit salsas like Batman and Robin, so don’t be afraid to send this dynamic duo to your table.

Is black bean and corn salsa healthy?

Yes, if it’s made with high quality ingredients and no added sugars, sodium-heavy preservatives, or trans fats. Beans are a great source of fiber and protein. Read the labels of canned black bean & corn salsa to find out the levels of sodium, fats, and added sugars. All of our black bean & corn salsas are fat-free and have one gram or less of sugar.