Pepper Jellies – Pepper Palace

Rock Out with our Jam-N-Jelly Collection That’s Sure to Melt Some Faces

Like Mick Jagger, like Ice Cube, there’s always going to be that one ingredient that throws a jam into a dangerous direction. In the case of our delectable, derelict hot pepper jellies, those ingredients range from a mild jalapeno to a hotel-trashing, take-’em-out-in-handcuffs habanero. For some good old-fashioned rock’n’roll that the whole family can enjoy, we mix ripe strawberries, peaches, blueberries, or raspberries with a couple of wrong-side-of-the-tracks jalapenos for a fruit-and-hot-pepper jam that will make your vanilla ice cream cry uncle. But when it’s time to turn it up to 11, we bust out the bushel of habaneros to turn those sweet berries into death metal heat destined to make your eardrums bleed. Our XX habanero-based hot pepper jelly is guaranteed to melt some faces. When you’re showing off your best BBQ and wings for the in-laws, treat them to any of these hot pepper jellies on their biscuits or cornbread. We’ve got the heat level for however you feel about them.

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What Is Hot Pepper Jelly?

Traditional jellies are made by boiling fruit juices, sugar, and some kind of gelatin to thicken it. Our hot pepper jellies are made in a similar way. Sometimes with the fruit and sometimes without. For straight pepper jellies, we usually add vinegar and some spices for a flavor boost.

What Do I Do With Hot Pepper Jelly?

Lots of people wonder what you’d use a hot pepper jelly for, anyway. The short answer is—anything. A good intro to hot pepper jellies is to treat it like an appetizer condiment and serve it with crackers and cream cheese. Once you get a feel for it, you can start using it in vinaigrettes for salads, in marinades, on top of meats, as a glaze for veggies or wings, as a spicy dip for mozzarella sticks or any fried apps, or turn your PB’n’J to the dark side.