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Verde (Green) Salsa


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Verde Salsa Makes It Easy to be Green

So many good things in life are green—money, St. Patrick’s Day, The Hulk, and this collection of roasty toasty medium and hot verde salsas made from the best peppers, chiles, and tomatillos we could find. If you came here looking for mild salsas, you’re in the wrong place, friend. Slather our spicy green jalapeno salsa over your next pile of street tacos for some watery-eye goodness or slow it down (just a little) with a delicious smoky punch from roasted green hatch chile salsa. Even our traditional tomatillo green salsas may finish with a nice little sting as you’re mowing down that plate of nachos. But these greens won’t make you see red: for five-alarm flavor, you’ll have to shop our somewhat sinister collection of x hot salsas.

Is Salsa Verde Spicy?

Well … ours is. But that doesn’t mean they all are. Traditional salsa verde originated in Mexico as a “green sauce” made of tomatillos, a mild but tart green veggie that looks like a small, unripe tomato. This version of salsa verde was mild to play off the spicier dishes of Mexico. But today, we’re all tinkering with the green part of the sauce, so when you use straight jalapenos as a base instead of the kinder, gentler tomatillo, you get a green salsa that looks you right in the eye and says, “this might hurt a little.”