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7 Pot Chocolate Douglah


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Any time is Trinidad time With The Trinidad 7 Pot Chocolate Douglah

You’re probably wondering “7 pot what? Chocolate who?”. Yup, it’s an oddly-named pepper but we’ll break it down for you. In Trinidad, where this pepper originated, the saying is that one pepper is hot enough to spice seven pots of stew. The reference to “chocolate” is because of the pepper’s dark brown color. Then you have “douglah”, which is a Trinidadian word for the people of “mixed race” who live in the back country of Trinidad where the pepper is grown. These names are often mixed and matched as “7 Pot Douglah”, “Chocolate 7 Pot”, and “Trinidad Douglah”. This super-spicy pepper is among the hottest peppers in the world. Whether you need to spice seven pots of stew or one really big burrito, grab some of our signature 7 Hot Sauce and try it for yourself today!

How Hot is the Chocolate 7 Pot Pepper?

This one’s a real scorcher, coming in at 923,889 – 1,853,986 Scoville heat units. You read that right - the hottest 7 Pot Pepper is almost twice as hot as the average Ghost Pepper - yikes!