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Hot Sauce Gift Boxes for Flavor Cravers

And Other Hot Gift Ideas

We know variety is the spice of life and our hot sauce gift boxes are the perfect example of that sweet sentiment. Whether you’re looking to impress a fellow spice lover or just want to make a flavor-craver smile, our collection of hot sauce gift boxes and Pepper Palace apparel is guaranteed to put a warm, tingly feeling in the heart, and on the tongue, of your favorite hot head.

Taste Bud Teasing Crowd Pleasers

Buying gifts for hot sauce fans can be so much more exciting than slapping a bow on our Cajun Ghost Hot Sauce and calling it a day — but that isn’t a bad idea either. True spice lovers can’t wait to dip into a sweet yet kickin’ BBQ sauce or bite into a salsa that bites back. If you’re on the hunt for hot sauce gifts for him or her, look no further:

  • The Best Sellers Gift Box is a curated set of our most popular products. This variety pack stocks the pantry with chipotle BBQ sauce, classic buffalo wing sauce, medium salsa, a savory seasoning, bourbon glaze, and our beloved Black Rose Hot Sauce.
  • Our Wild to Mild Variety Pack makes the perfect gift for hot sauce lovers. This collection of small-batch sauces offers a sampling of flavor profiles and heat levels. The lucky spice lover who opens this hot sauce gift pack is sure to find a new kickass combo.
  • Swap that bottle of wine with our Glazin’ & Saucin’ Gift Pack and become the hot topic at your friend’s dinner party. These tropical sauces and glazes are perfect pairings for summer dishes and stir-fries.
  • What goes with hot sauce as a gift? Pepper Palace T-shirts — duh. Our Pepper Palace Flame Logo and Black Hot Sauce T-shirts are staples in any true spice lover’s closet.

Hot Sauce Gifts Worthy of a Chilihead

Don’t worry, we’ve got the goods for the Scoville scaling fiend in your friend group. We throw fuel on the fire with our Hot, X-Hot, and Extreme sauce gift packs that only a true chilihead can handle.

  • This Ghost Pepper Gift Pack delivers that deliciously haunting ghost pepper flavor with a mustard and cajun kick. Just one drop from this hot sauce gift box is enough to set the taste buds ablaze.
  • Take things to the next level with our Reaper Gift Pack. The Carolina Reaper is known for being the hottest of the hot, and our sauces don’t waste a bit of that heat. This hot sauce set is not for the faint of heart, so gift responsibly.
  • Our Mixtreme Heat Gift Pack offers a spicy sampling of our most brutal collections. This hot sauce gift box teases spice lovers with its fresh Carolina Reaper and Scorpion pepper pickings.
  • The Fusion Gift Pack takes the taste buds on a wild ride. We invented some devilish flavor combinations for daring spice lovers. Peach, mango, garlic, and onion bring the heat in this bold hot sauce gift set.
  • A hot sauce gift box is a sure winner for any chilihead, but the Flatline T-Shirt is only for the brave few who survived our Flatline hot sauce.

Gifts for the Grill Master

Give the spice lover in your life an excuse to fire up the grill. From wings to kebabs, we’ve got the marinades, sauces, and drizzles every grill master needs.

  • The Smokin and Grillin Gift Box makes birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays a breeze. This collection of classics features marinades, glazes, and rubs for cooking prep and kickin’ BBQ sauces for serving.
  • Our Grillin’ & BBQin’ Gift Pack comes with everything a spice lover needs for their summer cookout. This variety pack features a North Carolina mustard sauce, a sweet yet savory bourbon glaze, a tangy Asian-inspired dip, and a bottle of Reaper BBQ sauce that’s as hot as the grill.
  • Nothing beats the mouthwatering flavor and sharp bite of a classic buffalo sauce. This Wing Master Buffalo Style Gift Pack showcases our buffalo-based sauces with some sizzling flavor pairings.
  • Introduce your neighbor to some creative flavor combos with our Wing Master Sweet N Savory Gift Pack. This hot sauce gift box offers a true sampling of flavor profiles, textures, and heat levels. Each sauce brings something different and delectable to the table.


You’ve got the flavor lover and we’ve got the flavor. Check out our gift boxes and discover fresh, small-batch sauces, glazes, and rubs that taste like heaven and burn like hell.

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