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Even More Kickass Combos

Fail-Safe Hot Sauces for Any Dish

So, you got a taste of our kickass combos in our previous post and came running back for seconds? Well, we can’t say we’re surprised. Chiliheads are chomping at the bit for the next best hot sauce pairing — and we stepped up to the plate. We’ve been in the kitchen whipping up some irresistible combos using our fresh hot sauces. Whether you’re here for the meat, would rather start with dessert, or prefer to kick back with a cocktail in hand, we’ve got you covered like sauce on wings.

Swipe Right on a Flavor Profile Match

Before you start slapping our classic sauce on every snack in sight, take a moment to consider the delicious possibilities. Each of our hand-crafted hot sauces feature a flavor profile and heat level that complement different dishes. The main flavor profiles you’ll find in hot sauces, other than spicy, are sweet, salty, sour, and umami. Taste a sauce on its own and try to identify the varying undertones and seasonings. Before you dig in, you’ll want to figure out if you’re using a sauce that’s:  

  • Sweet. Think of this flavor profile as a treat. A sweet sauce typically features honey, cinnamon, pineapple, mango, or other unconventional flavors. You can add a kick to a fruity dish or create a tantalizing contrast by dabbing some Southern Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce on savory options like pork or pizza. 
  • Salty. These are the most versatile hot sauces to have on hand. A salty sauce features a subtle blend of seasonings. While a salty sauce can often be used in lieu of a sour or umami relish, avoid splashing it on most sweet meals.
  • Sour. This is undoubtedly one of the more exciting flavor profiles. A sour hot sauce adds an interesting twang to stir fry, soup, or salsa. These sauces typically have a citrus twist and highlight the flavors in Mexican and Asian cuisine.
  • Umami. Don’t let the name confuse you — this profile is all about savory flavors. The umami profile mingles well with pasta, salad, seafood, and most snacks. Like salty sauces, umami doesn’t pair well with sweet dishes.

Drizzle Dos & Don’ts

Things are starting to heat up, but sometimes too much spice can overpower a dish. Not everyone can handle a ghost pepper like you, and some flavors tap out when you add a hint of habanero to a meal. Check our heat index of mild, medium, hot, x-hot, and extreme for sauce options at any spice level. 

Consistency should also be taken into consideration. Every sauce comes with a different texture, from thick and velvety to thin and juicy. When it comes to consistency, opposites attract. A watery sauce coats and absorbs into solid foods for explosive flavor in every bite. Mix a creamy sauce into a soup or cocktail for an exciting zing.

Small Bites That Bite Back

Never settle for a bland snack or appetizer, especially when the addition of one sauce can bring so much flavor to the table.

  • Charcuterie. A classic meat and cheese board isn’t complete without an irresistible relish. Our Tom O Shanter Hot Sauce is a mustard- and scotch bonnet-based charcuterie crowd-pleaser that packs a hefty punch. Create a truly impressive board with some Caribbean-inspired La Diablesse Hot Sauce, perfect for cheeses and pickled vegetables.
  • Avocado Toast. Basic should never be boring. Avocado toast serves as a mild base ideal for layering medium-heat chili flavors. Spice up your slice with a dash of our cayenne- and chipotle-infused Chili The Kid Hot Sauce.

Mouthwatering Meals

Tickle your tastebuds with a main course worthy of a chilihead. 

  • Chicken & Waffles. Give yourself a dose of sweet and savory goodness with chicken and waffles doused in a truly spicy sauce. Our Cinnanero Hot Sauce features a cinnamon and habanero flavor fusion that can be mixed into the batter or served alongside maple syrup.
  • Ph & Other Broth-Based Soups. Take your grandma’s recipe to the next level with a chili and garlic hot sauce. A little goes a long way when flavoring Phở or other broth bases. A splash of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce gives a whole new meaning to a soup that warms the soul. 
  • Chicken & Pork Kebabs. Elevate these grilled classics with a tropical hot sauce. Our Pineapple Serrano Hot Sauce makes a mean marinade and a sweet dip for pork or chicken kebabs. 
  • Ribs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nothing pairs better with ribs than a smokey, rich chipotle hot sauce. Savor that signature rack of rib flavor smothered in our beloved Chipotle Medium BBQ Sauce

Saucy Sips to Satisfy

We’re giving Bloody Mary a night off and serving up some hot cocktails that burn so good.

  • Jalapeño Margarita. Add a splash of our King Jalapeño Hot Sauce and a few fresh pepper slices to your next lime margarita and you’ve got a kickin’ cocktail. Substitute your usual tequila with a jalapeño-infused option for even more bite.
  • Ghost Pepper Rye Sour. This cocktail isn’t for the faint of heart. Only true chiliheads can handle the haunting burn of a rye whiskey sour mixed with a drop or two of our Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Chocolate and chili is a match made in heaven. Here are some sweet ideas to keep things spicy by the time dessert comes around.

  • Actually Hot Cocoa. Spice up this bedtime classic with a dash of chili sauce. Our mild-flavored but high-heat Black Rose Hot Sauce complements just about anything, cocoa included, and leaves a tickle in the back of the throat.
  • Molten Lava Cake. While you’ve got the bottle out, splash some Black Rose chili sauce on your molten lava cake. This unconventional topping offers striking heat that doesn’t undercut the velvety richness of the chocolate.

Kick Your Collection Up A Notch

Broaden your hot sauce horizons and discover more delectably daring combinations. Our hand-crafted hot sauces are made from all-natural ingredients for ultimate freshness and quality you can trust. Give our collection a chance and see why chiliheads everywhere keep coming back for more. 

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