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Sweet Bourbon Glaze

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An ode to Sweet Bourbon Glaze: Sweet Bourbon Glaze how we have come to appreciate your versatility, you are a constant rush of flavor and goodness for our ever blander world. You are so good and delicious that we will eat you on anything. We have tried you on chicken and you were delicious, on burgers and you blew our mind, we were timid trying you on pork and you did us no wrong. Your Kentucky bourbon based flavor has our eyes and taste buds dancing with glee every time we open the fridge and get a glimpse of your bottle. We flash back to the rich flavors that abound in every bite, we wonder for just a second how our cereal would taste with you instead of milk, we will try it one day, just not today, dinner we can wait for dinner. Dinner, we will have you for dinner on Salmon, on our vegetables, mix you in with our beans, and dip our french fries in you. You are Sweet Bourbon Gold.
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12 fl. oz.
Ingredients: sugar, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), onions, molasses, salt, garlic, cayenne peppers, kentucky bourbon, lemon juice, butter flavor, citric acid.


Size: 12 FL OZ. (354mL)

Heat Level: Mild