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Pure Pepper Powder


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Pure Pepper Powder that Could Melt the Human Torch

Peter Piper picked a peck of pure pepper powder and then went “wee wee wee” all the way home because he forgot to wear gloves and got some in his eyes. But seriously, our pure pepper powders are HOT. Don’t let their cute looks fool you - these little guys pack a punch. Perfect for chilli, soups, burgers, pizza, and more, mix up your own seasoning or use them to up the heat in one of our salts or dry rubs.

What is in Hot Pepper Powder?

Our hot pepper powders are strong and pure with only one ingredient each. Choose from our reaper, ghost, orange habanero, or scorpion pepper powder for a dried and pulverized version of your favorite hot pepper.

What is the strongest pepper powder?

Carolina reaper is the strongest pepper powder. Handle with caution - this stuff is hotter than mace, so don’t get it in your face (you big disgrace) or it will rock you. If you’re a real pepperhead, you might also like our extreme hot sauces that promise to burn the hair right off your chinny-chin-chin.