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Times Up Mustard Blend Reaper Hot Sauce


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      Betcha never thought you and the Reaper would become friends, but wait until you get acquainted with our South Carolina Reaper hot sauce. The two of you will go everywhere together, telling bland flavors that “time’s up!”. This blend of mustard, reaper peppers, and hand-selected spices brings new meaning to liquid death in its purest form. Use this extra-hot hot sauce to top everything from an ice cream sundae to baked ziti and enjoy the burn.

      Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Water, Garlic Powder, Reaper Pepper Powder, Mustard Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, 
      Lemon Juice (Lemon Juice Concentrate, Water, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Benzoate), Turmeric, Sugar, Xanthan Gum.

      Size: 3.38 FL OZ

      Heat Level: X-Hot

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