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The End: Flatline Hot Sauce

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This is a warning, and a real warning, not like some of the funny, we-only-sorta-mean-it warnings on our other hot sauces: This is our hottest hot sauce. It combines some of the fiery-est peppers in the world for a blazing, tongue-torching flavor that will burn everything from your tastebuds to your britches. If you’re ready to completely flatline, then this extreme-hot sauce made with reapers, pepper extract, ghost peppers, scorpion peppers, and 7 pot chocolate douglah peppers is for you.

Ingredients: reaper peppers, oleoresin capsicum, water, vinegar, salt, tomato juice concentrate, ghost peppers, scorpion peppers, 7 pot chocolate douglah peppers, vitamin C, citric acid, xanthan gum

Size: 1 FL OZ (29.5 mL)

Heat: Extreme