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Vacation Location Souvenirs to Wander-lust After

Why collect cheesy shot glasses or t-shirts when you could start up a super-awesome hot sauce collection? Every time you go on an awesome vacation, grab a bottle of vacation location souvenir hot sauce to make all of your friends and co-workers jealous.

Can’t get away? Order your vacation souvenir hot sauces here and take a socially distanced flavor journey - no passport necessary. Georgia on your mind? Grab some Helen - Pfeffer hot sauce and dream of peachier days. Missing Snookie and the crew? Our Official Jersey Shore Hot Sauce is “shore” to please. With over 200 cities to taste, why would you want to leave your house anyway?

Hot Tip: Pair a Vacation Location Souvenir Hot Sauce with some Pepper Palace Apparel or one of our Gift Packs for an easy gift idea.