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The Unconventional Guide to the Best Salsas

So your travels in the world of salsas have whetted your appetite for unique ingredients, have they? You’ve seen and done all the tourist stuff with the basic red and green salsas and now you’re ready to explore the uncharted territory of Pepper Palace salsas, is that so? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got scintillating salsas made from unique recipes to launch your taste buds on wild adventures. Be warned! Going off the map with Pepper Palace means that—should you dare explore the darkness of our Death by Salsa or Reaper Salsa—some of your taste buds may not live to tell the tale. Now hold on to your tomatillos as we guide you through the untamed wilderness of Pepper Palace’s unconventional salsas. 

How many different kinds of salsa are there?

Pepper Palace has 29 different kinds of salsa, so you can go an entire Leap Year February and eat a new one every day. We categorize ours by heat level, from a gentle, nommy mild to the scream-for-mercy extreme. Our unique salsa recipes pack in tons of flavor, and our hot-to-extreme salsas deliver maximum scorch.

Different kinds of salsa:

Mild salsa. A short trip around our mild salsas brings you to fun ingredients including mango, pineapple, key lime, and garlic. Most of our mild salsas are tomato-based except for our Egyptian Hummus Salsa, which is jalapeno-based.

Medium salsa. Explore Pepper Palace medium salsas to find our best mix of unique ingredients and salsa variations. From Caribbean jerk–style salsa to smoky mesquite jalapeno and chipotle salsas to classic salsa laced with brown sugar, this category delivers plenty of unconventional flavors.

Hot salsa. Venture into the lip-blistering lands of primo pepper heat with our hot salsas. We have almost as many hot salsas as there are continents, and you can travel through each flavor for a signature taste experience. The mango salsa shocks you with its unexpected fire. Five Pepper Fire Roasted Salsa features a quintet of peppers blended to perfection. Let Avocado Tomatillo Salsa seduce you with a hint of serrano pepper. Our Original Hot Salsa leaves nothing to the imagination: it’s a straightforward concoction of tomatoes, hot peppers, and vinegar. Load up a plate of scrambled eggs with Sweet Black Bean and Corn salsa for a new definition of breakfast, or satisfy your lust for jalapenos with our Green Jalapeno Salsa. 

X-Hot salsa. As far as traversing unconventional territory with hot pepper salsas, most sane people stop at our hot salsas. For the thrill-seekers, the tornado-chasers of salsa flavor, as it were, we offer the X-Hot salsa variations, each one featuring a signature extremely hot pepper. Ghost peppers, reaper peppers, habaneros … choose your destiny, and choose wisely.

Extreme salsa. By the time you reach Death By Salsa, the hottest salsa recipe we’ve created at Pepper Palace, your compass is busted, you’re out of water, the sun is setting, and you hear wolves howling in the distance. This is the terra incognita of hot pepper salsa, and it’s the final destination of our unconventional salsas.  

What are ways to eat salsa without chips?

Tortilla chips are merely the gateway drug to salsa. “Salsa” means “sauce,” and that’s the best way to think about this delicious, versatile condiment. If we’re talking about an unconventional guide to salsa, we need to think about outside of the normal chips-and-salsa box. Salsas—especially creative salsas like our incendiary Original X-Hot Salsa—make excellent bases for marinades, BBQ bastes, and coatings for jerky. Consider the salsa-of-unique-ingredients as an accent to your savory adult beverages. A dollop of Pepper Palace fruit salsa into your Bloody Mary may become a thing of legend.

Unique salsa recipes: the best unconventional salsas at Pepper Palace 

The salsas at Pepper Palace present variations on the theme. We may start with a traditional tomato or tomatillo (green tomato) base, then jazz it up or make it funky with unique ingredients like curry, jerk seasoning, hot peppers, or tropical fruits. No matter how we reimagine classic salsa roja or salsa verde, we taste test it to ensure it’s a flavor explosion that will have you coming back for more. If you’re seeking our most unique salsa recipes, here’s a handy list of our best unconventional salsas by heat level.

Don’t call us basic

While we offer some traditional salsas, our reputation hinges on our compulsion to concoct the outrageous, the scrumptious, and the daring. We’re proud that our mouth-watering melange of unexpected and unbelievable salsas fits in the unconventional category. We hope you find inspired new ways to add these tasty (and sometimes feisty and arguably confrontational) salsas to your menus. Happy salsa travels! 

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