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Insanely Awesome and Unusual Ways To Use Hot Sauce

You are a beast when it comes to hot sauce. You are a freak for all things spicy. While you would never dream of wasting a drop of your go-to condiment, your favorite hot sauce can do so much more than spice up your sandwich. Whether you’ve got a bottle that’s gone bad or you’re just looking for a quick fix to a pest problem, check out these insanely awesome and unusual non-edible ideas to use hot sauce and improve your life. 

Use Hot Sauce to Ninja-Kick Squirrels to the Curb.

Does it tick you off when you see Bucky the Squirrel sitting there taunting you with a big ol’ belly after eating all your birdseed or munching on your magnolias? Don’t fret.  Teach that boy a lesson by mixing a dash of super spicy hot sauce, like our Mr. Pain, with water and a few drops of dish soap, then squirting it all over the feeder or garden.  Once Bucky feels the fire, he’ll skedaddle and won’t think twice about coming back. And don’t worry, your feathered friends are immune to the fiery burn of hot sauce, so it won’t ruffle their feathers a bit. 

Use Hot Sauce to Prevent Nail Biting.

Dude…stop the nail biting. Seriously, think about where those nails have been—is that something you want to put in your mouth? Do yourself a favor and dab one of our extra spicy hot sauces on your nails. That hot hot heat will teach you to stop gnawing at those nails (and grab a chicken wing instead). 

Use Hot Sauce to Keep Dogs from Chewing.

Is your fluff ball chewing up your furniture and nosing around in the trash? Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies and dogs, but it can also be irritating or even downright dangerous. I am sure you’ve most likely come home to find your dog has chewed up everything in sight, from shoes to furniture, toys, clothes, cords, and trash. 

Put an end to destructive chewing with a splash of the spicy stuff. Rub some medium hot sauce (or a sprinkle of hot pepper powder) anywhere you need to keep Fido away, and he’ll get the message fast (the smell is usually enough to keep curious pups at bay). After all, Fido would be a crispy critter if he kept biting on those electrical cords, so it’s for his own good.  

Use Hot Sauce to Repel Bugs From Your Plants.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a little bug has set up a condo in your houseplant.  Mix two tablespoons of your favorite hot sauce, like our Calamity Pain Hot Sauce, with a few drops of dish soap and a quart of water.  Place into a spray bottle and spray those pests (and coat the leaves to keep ‘em gone). Those little freeloaders won’t know what hit ‘em. 

Use Hot Pepper to Induce Sweat and Tears. 

Hot sauce = instant sweat and tears. We all know real men don’t cry right, but sometimes you need to turn on the waterworks. Our The End Hot Sauce is your secret weapon. Are you in the dog house? Down a spoonful of hot sauce to make your eyes water and you’ll be forgiven in no time. Supposed to mow the lawn but you parked your keister in the man-shed and watched the football game instead? Bam! A little hot sauce makes you sweat like a pig and Wifey will think you are a total STUD, busy tackling her honey-do list. 

Unclog A Stuffy Nose With Spicy Foods.

Got a cold? Are allergies causing a snot-fest in your sinuses? Hot peppers are infamous for their ability to make noses run. Reach for a bottle of your favorite hot sauce, like our cayenne-based Chili The Kid Hot Sauce, to kick those clogged nasal passages to the curb. It’ll cure what ails ya.

Eat Hot Sauce to Lose Weight

Hot sauce your way to sexy. Is your butt getting so big that it looks like two Buicks fighting for a parking place? You’ll be pleased as pie to know that hot sauce can help you drop those extra pounds.  You see, the capsaicin in hot sauce increases metabolism and boosts fat burn while suppressing your appetite to keep you from overeating. So forget pig wrestling to get in shape.  Just slap some hot sauce on that burger, eggs, or pizza and you’ll bust up that beer gut in no time flat. 

Use Hot Sauce As Homemade Spider Deterrent.

Spiders got you screaming’ for your mama? If you are terrified of those fuzzy, eight-legged monsters, you’ll love knowing that hot pepper repels spiders. Anyone who’s ever seen Spiderman knows that spiders have super senses. Take advantage of a spider’s strong sense of smell by using the pungency of cayenne pepper to repel them. Just shake a few drops of hot sauce onto a paper towel and rub it around doorways, window frames, closets, cabinets, and anywhere else those frightening buggers may hide. 

Try These Hot Sauce Hacks to Improve Your Life

If you need the perfect hot sauce, we are your source. Pepper Palace has the fiery flavors to rock your world. Whether you like it mild, super hot, or somewhere between, grab a few of your favorite flavors and bring the heat today. You are gonna have more fun than a tornado in a trailer park.
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