Seasonings & Rubs

A note about Seasonings and Rubs:

Rubs are a blend of ground spices used to add flavor and surface texture to meats. They form a crusty layer that locks in juices, and are typically applied more liberally than seasonings. Cooking with rubs are almost always done with dry heat like baking, grilling or roasting, where almost no water is used in the cooking. They are usually applied to meat before the cooking process, and are most common with grilling. However, rubs can still be used as a seasoning in many cases.

Seasonings are blends of dried herbs and spices used to enhance or add flavor to a dish. They are most beneficial when moisture is present in the recipe (like water, broth or sauce) in order to bring out the flavors of the individual components of the blend. They are usually added at the beginning of the cooking process, but can be added at the end as well. Seasonings are most commonly used where a moist heat method is used. In some cases, seasonings can be used as a rub.