The Gauntlet: Chilihead Challenge Gift Pack

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  • Product Description

      Want to test your limits? This is the perfect gift pack for those who are looking for a challenge. From mild to the hottest product that Pepper Palace has to offer, this gift pack covers it all! Be prepared....

      Contains one (1) of each of the following (from most mild to hottest):
      • Sweet Chipotle Hot Sauce
      • Garlic Fusion Hot Sauce
      • King Chipotle Hot Sauce
      • Mango Fusion Hot Sauce
      • Black Rose Hot Sauce
      • What a Jerk Hot Sauce
      • King Habanero Hot Sauce
      • La Diablesse Hot Sauce
      • Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce
      • Ghost in the Darkness Hot Sauce
      • Sweeter Reaper Hot Sauce
      • Voodoo Reaper Hot Sauce
      • Tr3s Diablos Hot Sauce
      • Mr. Pain Hot Sauce
      • Flatline Hot Sauce
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    • Variant: Default Title
    • SKU: GCCGP
    • Weight: 18.0 lb
    • Product Type: Gift Pack