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Meet Salt’s Sophisticated Cousin: Seasoning Salt

Seasoning salts are perfect for foods that need a little extra “oomph”. We like to keep a little seasoning salt nearby to enhance just about any food, from pork roast to potatoes. Our seasoning salts feature ghost peppers, chipotle peppers, and jalapeno peppers to ring the alarm and get your taste buds awake and ready to party. So keep some hydration handy and sprinkle on the seasoning salt because it’s about to get delicious up in here.

What is seasoned salt?

Seasoned salt is a combination of salt and any variety of other seasonings, such as garlic, onion, or, in our case, pure pepper powder. It can be added to foods before or after cooking to take them from “blah” to “ba-zingah!”.

Prefer a low sodium option? Check out our selection of dry rubs or pure pepper powders for seasonings without the salt.