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Salsa - Medium

Salsa - Medium


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Our Medium Salsas Deliver Variety and the Spices of Life

Our medium salsa recipes may pop your eyes when the heat hits, but they mellow for a scrummy aftertaste that’ll have you saying, “man, that’s good.” We went no-holds-barred in our medium salsa flavors, adding crazy concepts like curry salsa, jerk salsa, and a spicy brown sugar salsa to our traditional collection of lip-smackers like roasted tomatoes, smoked jalapeño, and black bean & corn. We know there’s a special contingent of New Mexican salsa fans out there, so we have both roasted green chile and red chile salsas for your breakfast burritos, enchiladas, and more. We see you. Definitely not first-date-approved, our garlic salsa keeps taste buds happy, and we guarantee you won’t be attacked by vampires any time soon. If you’re the kind of person who dares to live it up, this collection of rambunctious flavors will wake you up to a whole new world of spicy possibilities.

What is Normal Salsa?

Not ours, is the simple answer. Most people think of “salsa roja,” or “red sauce” as the basic salsa—a condiment of tomatoes, onions, spices, and cilantro. This could be considered normal salsa, the kind that comes to you at your favorite Mexican restaurant or that comes in the salsa jar at your grocery store. Because we’re all about bringing flavor explosions and the occasional (okay, often) napalm-level pepper heat, we like to think of our salsas as never normal.

Which is Hotter, Mild or Medium Salsa?

Medium. If you’re brand spanking new to the salsa game, you may be slightly confused about heat labels and are worried you’ll make the wrong choice and end up with stingy lips when you just wanted a nice flavor on your tortilla chips. We get this question a lot. If you want flavor but no heat, go with mild. If you want flavor and heat you can feel, then go with medium.