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Roasted New Mexico Red Chile Medium Salsa

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Peter Piper may have picked a peck of red Hatch Chile Peppers, but the Pepper Palace salsa slingers fire-roasted those crimson Capsicums to perfection before crafting our exceptional New Mexico Salsa. But enough with the tongue-twisters–we prefer tongue-tinglers. This smoky red chili salsa features the fresh flavors of garlic, lime juice, and salt for a serious side dish you won’t be able to resist. Toss this medium salsa on your breakfast burrito (which was invented in New Mexico!), nachos, taquitos, or whatever floats your hot air balloon for that authentic Tex-Mex twang you can’t resist.

Ingredients: New Mexico Red Chile, Lime Juice, Salt, Garlic. No Trans Fats!

Size: 16 OZ.

Heat Level: Medium