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Get Ready to Sweat with our Hot Salsa

If medium salsa doesn’t do it for you, but x-hot salsa makes you wish for a safe word, you’ve come to the right place browsing our selection of delightfully devilish hot salsas. If you’re looking for a rowdy Mexican-style caliente salsa, choose our tomato-based Original Hot Salsa or pick a peck of peño peppers with our jalapeño-based green salsa. That’ll wake you up. Our hot mango and apple salsas use habaneros to give your mouth a little spanking, but if you want big, bold flavor with hurts-so-good heat, slather our five pepper salsa with cayenne chilis on your next turkey club. Our spicy tomatillo salsa features avocado for a more authentic flavor, and you can actually look forward to the next boring neighborhood potluck if you bring our hot black bean and corn salsa for the dip table. For brow-mopping satisfaction without the embarrassment of crying in front of friends, add all our fiery hot salsas to your pantry.

What can you put in salsa to cut the heat?

Acidic liquids cut through heat, so you can add lime or lemon juice to salsa you find too hot. You could also add chopped tomato. If you don’t mind changing the flavor and texture, you can add sour cream, or serve the salsa with sour cream and cucumbers to cut the heat.