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Hot Sauce - X Hot

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Extra Hot Hot Sauces - For Days When You’re Feeling "Extra"

Happiness is a glass of ice-cold milk to ease the blistering burn from our Extra Hot hot sauces. Made with the hottest peppers in the world, our extra hot hot sauces harness the heat of the Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper, 7-Pot Chocolate Douglah, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion for a true mouth-melting experience.

Hardcore chili-heads will love our Voodoo Reaper with a bewitching cajun flavor and killer burn. For a truly terrifying experience, try our Scorpion Death Stalker hot sauce with a sting that will follow you long after the taste is gone. Can’t pick a pepper? Our Tr3s Diablos hot sauce melds the best (and worst) of the three most diabolical peppers for a hellish addition to any food.

Do you enjoy your Extra Hot Hot Sauce so much you want to dip a chip in it? Grab some Extra Hot Salsa for a muy caliente snack. Prefer your hot sauce with all pain, no gain? You might just be sadistic enough to try our extreme hot sauce.

How Hot is Extra Hot Hot Sauce?

Extra Hot Hot Sauce is the second spiciest hot sauce option, coming in at 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Remember that time you sat your unsuspecting behind directly on your Mustang’s leather seats in July and scorched the hair clean off? Yeah, it’s that hot.