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Hot Sauce - Medium

Hot Sauce - Medium

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Medium Hot Sauce to Burn Up Your Tongue and Your Tush

Turn up the heat with our medium hot sauce (but seriously, don’t touch the thermostat). Our medium hot sauces don’t skimp on flavor. With unique combinations ranging from fruity mango and lime to boozy tequila, there’s a taste for every tongue. With an undeniable kick, our medium hot sauces will warm you up on their way down - and again on their way out.

Use one of our flavor-packed medium hot sauces for wings to craft a unique buffalo hot sauce or try one of our signature wing sauces next time you’re grilling for a crowd.

Expert tip: pair your buffalo wings with one of our dip mixes if you really want to knock their socks off.

How hot is medium hot sauce?

Medium hot sauce is the second least spicy hot sauce, coming in at 2,500-30,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Like Big Foot’s armpit at noon in Texas, but way tastier (no offense, big guy).

How hot is normal hot sauce?

Most “normal” hot sauces that you’ll find in your favorite wing joint or taqueria fit in the medium hot sauce category. These sauces complement most foods without overpowering them, bringing just enough heat to make your brow glisten while you say “whew, that’s a little spicy” and dab on some more.