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Our Sweet Fruit Salsas Throw a Sassy Attitude

Mm, mm, mmmm. Our fruit salsas come on all sweet but that sassy attitude is what keeps us coming back for more. This collection blends juicy tropical fruits picked at the peak of ripeness with hot peppers for a naughty little bite that feels so nice. Add jalapeno-spiced mild pineapple salsa, mango salsa, or key lime salsa to fish, chicken, or pork for a Caribbean touch or fire up the flavor with habaneros in our hot mango salsa.

We also have America’s beloved fruits—apple and peach—in salsas that add zing to your mixed grill. Our hot apple salsa includes habaneros to capture that crisp feeling of autumn in hell, while our mild peach salsa perks up your fresh catch. Our fruit salsas can take you from appetizers to dessert, so don’t be afraid to experiment. However you use them, these rousing flavors will leave you wanting to lick the jar clean when you’re done. If you want more options for hot fruit flavors, we’ve got you covered.

What Fruit Salsa Goes Well with Fish?

In general, pineapple, mango, and peach salsas go well with flaky white fish like tilapia or cod. For salmon or tuna, try our key lime salsa. However, we believe in the old saying, “you never know ‘til you try it,” which we think works here, as well. Go for it.

Can I Put Fruit Salsa on Grilled Meat?

Yes! We highly recommend any of our dry rubs and fruit salsas for grilled seafood, pork, chicken, and beef. Adding the sparky citrus of jalapenos and key limes of our key lime salsa can change the way you think about chicken, or topping your grilled skirt steak with our habanero mango or apple hot salsas may make you have a conversion experience. We’re just saying.