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Dry Rubs & Seasonings

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Embrace Flavor With Our Award-Winning Dry Rubs & Seasonings

Any good dry rub starts with two key elements: salt and sweet. The salt provides flavor while the sweet, either from sugar, maple syrup, or honey, caramelizes to deliver the signature “dry rubbed” crust. But we don’t settle for just “good”. Oh no, we pack our dry rubs full of unexpected elements and specially-crafted spice blends to make your taste buds sing.

Wake up and smell the coffee with our Coffee Rub, the best blend for your breakfast meats. Go on a continental taste tour with our regional rubs, from Nashville Hot and Spicy to French Quarter Creole or the Great Canadian Steak Seasoning - perfect for ribs and wings. For the true Cro Magnon who loves the thrill of the hunt, give your prize the royal treatment with our Spicy Venison Rub.

With over 50 different dry rubs and seasonings, no meat (or vegetable) should be left un-rubbed.

What Does “Dry Rubbed” Mean?

Feel free to take this one literally. “Dry Rubbed” is the process of rubbing a mix of dry seasonings on a piece of raw pork, chicken, ribs, or whatever meat you like to eat. The mixture contains a sweet element that sits on the surface of the meat and, when cooked, helps form a flavor-filled crust.

Does Dry Rub Need to Marinate?

Procrastinators, rejoice! Dry rubs are applied to meat just before cooking - no marinating and waiting required. Just rub it on your chicken or pork and go for out-of-this-world flavor. Unlike a dry brine, which needs to stay on your meat for a while before being rinsed off, you can apply your dry rub just before cooking (no need to wait, rinse, or repeat here).

Looking for a no salt seasoning? Shop our very low sodium products and take your pick. Prefer your flavor to sink in? Try one of our glazes and marinades instead.