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Dried Pepper Flakes


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Our Lava Flakes Scare the Crushed Red Pepper Right Off the Table

This is not the little jar of crushed pepper ubiquitous to every pizzeria. Oh no, friend. These dried pepper flakes make that guy look like a teddy bear. We call these darlings our Lava Flakes because they are made from pure molten lava that we dried, crushed, and bottled for your consumption. Not really. That's impossible, but this is pretty darn close.

Our Dried Pepper Flakes contain only one ingredient each. The pepper du jour, whether it be habanero, reaper, ghost, or cayenne, is lovingly dehydrated and pulverized to deliver unadulterated capsaicin pain to your palette. Sprinkle them on your pizza, pasta, burgers - anything that needs a little (ok, a lot of) “oomph”.

What kind of pepper is crushed?

Typical “crushed red pepper” is made of a mixture of peppers, usually featuring cayenne for the signature color and heat level. But we don’t like to limit ourselves to what’s common. Any pepper can be crushed, so our crushed pepper flakes include all of our favorite hot peppers.