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Not-Your-Momma’s Condiments

Whether you’re shopping for hot dog condiments or french fry dipping sauces, these are not your momma’s condiments. At Pepper Palace, we love putting hot peppers in places they’ve never been before (keep your mind out of the gutter, we mean condiments!). That’s why we infuse our delicious ketchups and mustards with our favorite peppers, from the slightly-spicy chipotle mustard to ghost pepper ketchup that packs some serious heat. Or, if you’re a fan of garlic mustard, check out our Creole Mustard that combines roasted garlic and cayenne for an instant classic.

What Are Condiments?

Just like the age-old, “is a hot dog a sandwich?”, this is a question that sparks some serious debate. Put simply, condiments are sauces that you add before eating food. They’re usually not part of a dish or necessary to eat it, but can enhance the flavor. Not to be confused with dips, which are pretty imperative to a dish (ex. chips and salsa). We like to stick with the classic here, so we consider ketchup and mustard to be the only two tried-and-true, non-negotiable condiments.

What Are The Healthiest Condiments?

While “healthy” is in the eye of the beholder depending on whether you prefer low-carb, sugar-free, low-sodium, or some other specialty diet, the healthiest condiments are generally anything with mostly natural ingredients and minimal sugar. Our condiments meet the bill, with simple ingredients like vinegar, mustard seeds, and hot peppers.