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Carrots: The Secret Ingredient for Delicious Sauces

What’s up, doc? With our carrot-infused hot sauces, wing sauces, pickles, and drink mixes, eating your veggies just got a whole lot easier. Go ahead and reach for seconds (or thirds) - momma would be proud.

Why Is Carrot in Hot Sauce?

Some hot sauces need a little sweetness. But if you want your sauce hot and sweet, you can’t just add some sugar. Oh no, friend - sugar is the enemy of the Scoville Scale. A pinch of sugar can decimate the heat in any hot sauce, rendering it mild and mediocre. Instead, carrots are used to lend their natural sweetness while still enabling the heat to blaze on. What’s more, carrots are classified as “aromatics” (meaning they deliver a deep flavor when cooked) so they add another layer of “mmm, mmm, mmm” to your sauce and any food it graces. Perhaps the better question is “why isn’t carrot in every hot sauce?”.