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The Best BBQ Sauce for Every Pit Boss

Vinegar, tomato, or mustard? A rivalry as historic as Lamborghini and Ferrari, and with good reason.

As the story goes, the fine folks of Eastern NC mixed up a batch of the good stuff with vinegar and then their cousins out West got squirrely and threw in some ketchup (probably after a few too many swigs of Uncle Clem’s moonshine). Those good ol’ boys were onto something because their concoction has stood the test of time. Nowadays, even fast food giants dole out packets of tomato-based sauce with their double-decker deluxe nuggets and fries. We’ve put our own spin on it with our line of Mountain Q Select BBQ Sauces. These Western NC style sauces feature flavor zings from Bourbon and Whiskey (in honor of our country cousins), hotter-than-hades Habanero, and hauntingly delicious Ghost Pepper.

Meanwhile, down in South Carolina the pitmasters were whooping it up for Oktoberfest with Hanz and Heidi when one thing led to another and mustard ended up on the pork. Yet another delectable mash-up, the recipe for our South Carolina “Gold” mustard style BBQ sauce was born. Each region thinks their recipe reigns supreme, but we can’t choose just one sauce to rule them all.

While we may not agree which BBQ sauce style is the best, we can agree that they’re all dang delicious. Perfect for pork, potatoes, and even your girlfriend’s beige block of tofu, you can slather our barbecue sauce on literally anything to make it drool-worthy and delicious.

Harness the smoky aroma of a good ol’ fashioned pit barbecue with our Hickory Mild BBQ Sauce or get saucy with our alcohol-infused Honey Chipotle Rum or Bourbon BBQ sauce. If you like your sauce on the sweeter side, check out our line of Fruit BBQ Sauces. Like ‘em spicy? We’ve got you covered with cayenne, ghost pepper, and Carolina reaper pepper sauces that get progressively more painful as you pour on the Scovilles.

Why can’t we all just get along and rejoice in the deliciousness and diversity that is BBQ sauce?

What is BBQ Sauce Made Of?

The best barbecue sauce is made of high-quality, flavor-filled ingredients. We combine distilled vinegar with tomato paste or mustard, then mix in our favorite ingredients to create a variety of unique flavor combinations, such as onion, garlic, honey, mango, whiskey, habanero, or even ghost pepper.

Is BBQ Sauce Bad For You?

No, it doesn’t have to be. Many of the leading sauces you see in stores are full of high fructose corn syrup and other bad-for-you ingredients. But when your barbecue sauce is low sugar and full of flavor, it can be a healthy addition to any meat or meal.